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 Our Story

In 1996 my wife, Mary Anne, and I hired a Dj to entertain for our wedding reception. We enjoyed it so much that we purchased the DJ business a month later. What was meant to be a side business quickly turned into a full-time venture. Within 2 years we both quit our full-time jobs and focused on growing and expanding our little DJ business. Over the past 25+ years we have participated in well over 1,000 events for our clients.  Our core business for many years has been proms. I seriously doubt that there is anyone in the state of Alabama that has been to more proms than we have.  Last year marked our 28th consecutive prom for many of our Lauderdale County schools.  This is why we call our event the Daddy Daughter Prom. 


In 1997 we started producing wedding videos and just like our DJ service the business took off. We have produced more than 600 wedding documentaries. Over the years many of our clients have become our friends and they feel like family because we have been their for many of their milestones in life. The one thing that has always stuck in my mind over the years is the look of the Fathers face. It's a that moment of reflection and realization that its about to be official your little girl has grown up. The one piece of advice that I received the most over the years is always the same(always) They all tell me that it goes by too fast. 


I have 2 girls. Olivia, 17, and Vivian, 14. I can give them a lot of things, but what they want the most is my time. It's the most important thing that we can give our children. We created the Daddy Daughter Prom because we want to take the time to create a memory 

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